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Receive maximum discounts when your order your display albums during the quieter months

Designer Folders understand how expensive display products are and subsequently offer studios a discount on their display albums.

Since every client usually has individual requirements and may required several display albums, we usually assess each client’s discount entitlements separately and the more display products purchased, the more discount applies.

Display album discounts apply to ALL Bookbound Art Albums and Digital Flushmount albums. You can choose from any of our materials, although we are obviously going to suggest that you try some of our NEW materials. There is no set number of leaves or certain cut outs. This allows you to design a display album tailored to suit your studio’s needs. With your first display album an Album Material Swtach kit can be provided for a nominal charge of $58, enabling you to show your prospective clients the entire range of album materials. If you order 3 display albums or after you have ordered your 3rd Bookbound Art album (display or not) we then refund the amount you paid for the Album Material Swatch kit - so it has cost you nothing!

We offer 2 different discount levels on display albums depending on the time of the year they are ordered. There are also our "peak" production times where we DO NOT ALLOW ANY DISCOUNTS on display albums as our priority is on getting customer orders out as quickly as possible during these busy periods (see below).

PLEASE NOTE: One of the biggest problems we experience with Display albums is that many studios do not allow sufficient manufacturing time to have them ready for their displays at bridal shows OR prior to booking client viewings, which can lead to frustrated potential customers and loss of sales, OR BOTH.

Maximum Discount allowance 20% - 30%:

Minimum Discount allowance - 10%:


Please Note: All albums that are given a display album discount will have "Studio display album" blind embossed inside the back cover.